The human and dependable bank

The Challenge

People really don’t think about how the money they save could be a force for good, or bad. If they did they would save with Charity Bank. How can we re-brand an independent bank with genuine purpose at the heart.

Our Approach

We focused on building a brand based on the most inspiring stories from customers - community organisations who use loans from Charity Bank to extend their mission.

We built a modern brand that's not afraid to be heard. The brand needed to resonate with a modern audience and to overcome inherent distrust towards banks and show that banking really can work for good

    The impact

    • Delivered over 32 newly branded assets
    • 92% of borrowers said that their Charity Bank loan had contributed towards the achievement of their mission

    We build
    Brand Substance

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    The Results

    The impact of our project

    Inside the process

    Research & insight

    Our insight phase was conducted using depth interviews with, savers, borrowers, employees, board members and external experts.


    Using our collaborative brand strategy process we examined the internal and external landscape of the brand to develop a simple and compelling purpose and narrative.

    Story & Identity

    We developed four brand ideas with very different visual identities and creative messaging that were tested with existing customers, prospects and employees.


    The agreed direction was extended into a comprehensive set of launch assets including a detailed guidelines document.

    Powered by Purpose

    The purpose was intended as a rallying cry for Charity bank, giving permission to be bolder and more confident in challenging the status quo. It also reflects a strong point of view about working in the common interests of customers.  One of Charity Bank’s greatest assets is their personal relationship with every borrower and saver, which should be celebrated.

    Brand Design

    Working with prospects and existing customers revealed suspicion about banking but also about charities too.  We were able to cut through this cynicism by moving all of the focus onto the people who benefit from Charity Bank loans. These small charities and community champions are working tirelessly against the odds.  In a time when the entire banking industry is trying to present a friendlier image, the new brand would get its credibility from shining a light on the people it helps.