A truly sustainable campaign

The Brief

Our brief was to celebrate 20 years of the Heathrow Express service while highlighting its sustainability credentials in an engaging, fun and quintessentially British way.

We were tasked to deliver key messages within a series of posters placed along the main walkway to the Heathrow Express in Terminal 2. The installation will be up for two years and is intended to bring some enjoyment and information to  the audience in this high footfall environment.

What we did

We knew we had to do something a bit different to stand out and get the attention of a highly distracted audience. Most people would be paying little attention to the surroundings, having just landed and heading for the Heathrow Express platforms.

The trick was to find a stand out that was simple, bold and a little bit off the wall.

The impact

Our work was very well received in the press, featuring in several publications including Design Week and Travel Weekly.

  • 2.3 million people pass through the walkway per year
  • 36 metres of design installed
  • 9 up-cycled sculptures created

Our approach

We started with a simple question: over the last 20 years, the Heathrow Express has dramatically reduced waste from its operations… how can we use the waste that’s left over to tell our story?

The answer was to take the waste that’s left onboard the trains and up-cycle it to create a series of inspiring, celebratory messages. The idea of up-cycling waste supported a key business focus around reducing waste, and allowed us to communicate in a crafty, creative way. We commissioned award winning sculptor, Rebecca Sutherland, to help bring this vision to life.

We build
Brand Substance

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The campaign

What we heard

With over 2.3 million people passing the posters each year, the opportunity to spread our message is huge.

We have had such positive feedback from colleagues at Heathrow Airport, that they are looking to use the posters in other parts of London’s busiest airport, gaining further exposure.
“This is probably our most ambitious attempt to engage passengers in our sustainability credentials and bring our brand to life in a way that goes beyond the speed, reliability and customer service we’re known for."
Chris Crauford,
Head of Commercial at Heathrow Express

In the news

Our work was also very well received on the press, featuring in several media including Design Week and Travel Weekly.

The Results

The impact of our project