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The Challenge

Every year, IKEA set out to understand what makes life at home better for people around the world. Through a thorough research plan, conducted every year, IKEA aim to gain a deeper understanding of people’s real needs, wants and dreams at home. By sharing those insights beyond internal audiences, IKEA seeks to strengthen its position as a trusted, unique and meaningful brand whilst ensuring they remain leaders in life at home.

Our Approach

In partnership with a research agency, we spoke to more than 22,000 people in 22 markets to find out what life at home looks and feels like in 2018.  We went on 12 “home safaris” across the world, following people for a day and talking to them about what home really means.

    The Impact

    Since going live, the microsite has had over 35,000 visits with users staying over 2.5 minutes on average.

    32 pieces of coverage, 1.69m online readership, 346k circulation, 1.81m estimated coverage views, 371 social shares

      The report

      Based on the insight that for an increasing number of people, there are places where they feel more at home, than the actual space that they live in; we created our communications concept -
      Beyond four walls - A new era of Life at Home.

      We build
      Brand Substance

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      A global approach

      We travelled around the world, and got to meet some wonderful people, to really understand what some meant to them and the changes they have seen in the meaning of home.

      The five feelings of home

      Through the research we identified 5 core emotional needs of the home: Privacy, Security, Comfort, Ownership, Belonging.

      We used these emotional needs to help assess what aspect of ‘home’ is missing, or in abundance. We offered advice and techniques to fulfil these needs inside and outside your home.

      Co-creation with our 'resident experts'

      We had our thinking challenged by 7 global influencers, our “Residents Experts”. We worked with the experts to identify how to respond to the core emotional needs of the home, and shared our learning’s amongst their networks to make a real impact.

      Bringing the report to life

      For the fifth edition of the Life at Home Report, we were invited to create an inspiring communications concept, making the research findings globally relevant and adaptable for local markets. The report was addressing a broader audience than ever before, so needed to inform, inspire and enable positive change in life at home.

      Consumer Microsite

      We created a microsite for everyone to understand their own feelings of home, and practical advice on how to get the most from their homes - whoever they might be.

      Market toolkit

      It was important that the life at home went beyond research, so we developed a toolkit for local markets. This way they could adapt the research to make it culturally relevant, engage with local press, and ultimately to share with their customers.

      The Results

      The impact of our project