A long term social investment strategy

The Challenge

The Social Investment team was looking for a new strategy that gave a clear direction to the team for the next 5-10 years of investment. The strategy needed to focus activities, align with (and provided substance for) the new brand positioning and motivate the team.

Our Approach

We used co-creation to bring together people from the Social Investment and Marketing teams with members to identify where they thought Nationwide could have the biggest impact on society. We worked to identify the challenges that the business was best set up to address; the capabilities of the team and the brand opportunity. This enabled us to design a new strategy that was clear, focused, aligned with the brand re-positioning and everybody in the team was bought into.

The Impact

Nationwide launched the new Social Investment strategy in 2016 with a new mission: ‘ensuring everyone in the UK has a place to call home’. The business has launched new Community Investment funds, is investing in house building and is on a mission to ‘re-invent renting’. This resulted in real change:

  • Current account openings up 30% since launch of brand campaign
  • Nationwide helped 75,000 first time buyers in 2017, up 31% YOY
  • In 2017 Nationwide had highest Customer Satisfaction among all high street providers
  • 75% employees engaged in volunteering, fundraising or payroll giving

We build
Brand Substance

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What we heard

"Having a social impact is inherent to our pride values. This is why I work for Nationwide."
"It's important for members and employees to be a part of this process because the issues are something we all feel strongly about"
"It's what we've always done from the day we were set up. It's all we can do"