A behaviour change programme

The Challenge

Anglian Water are conducting a unique experiment, using the town of Newmarket as a test bed for new products, services and innovations. As part of this, they asked us to help design and implement a behaviour change campaign to encourage people in the town to save water.

Our Approach

We started the project with a comprehensive piece of qualitative research, identifying key insights around the challenge - that people didn’t link water usage (and wastage) with money. This sounds obvious but it is a huge barrier to change.

Our project focused on re-establishing this connection, making water savers feel like they were making smart choices. We designed a campaign that included a pop up shop, above the line advertising, PR and a one month experiment with 500 people to see how much water they could save (using a variety of stimuli and communications hooks).

The Impact

The Smarter Drop project is still ongoing, but the results are already becoming clear with high degrees of recognition for the campaign and measurable behaviour change among the participants in our experiment- who on average are now using almost 25% less water than the national average.

We build
Brand Substance

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The Results

The impact of our project

Working with Anglian Water customers

Anglian Water’s Smarter Drop Shop Window Innovation is an ambitious project that will see Newmarket lead the way in using water in a smarter way. Engaging Newmarket customers in a behaviour change programme, the project will provide an inspiration for a smarter water future across the Anglian Water region.

The Big Launch Event

To mark the launch of the project and allow people to find out more, Anglian Water hosted a free community fun day. Visitors marvelled at a magician who performed a special commisioned water based trick. There was an innovations trail using smart technology and a virtual reality world of 3D engineering. Lots of prizes, hints and tricks throughout the day, and even glimpses into the future of water

The Campaign Water Bus Tour

A mobile exhibition and engagement space, touring the region for four weeks.

- 5,181 visitors
- 18 locations
- 1,915 face-to-face business consultations

The pop up shop

A key element of the campaign is the opening of a pop-up shop on Newmarket High St, to provide people with first hand advice, tools, and incentives to engage with the campaign in their natural environment.


Nobody likes being told what to do; our water saving tips and nudges do it with humour, wit and charm - Water saving posters give simple advice on a habit you could change, along with the reward to be gained.


We designed and built a campaign site to explain more about the programme, share advice on how to save water and to allow customers to sign up and find out more. Visit the website