Engaging front line teams to create internal change

The Challenge

To engage staff in the idea that they have a right to be respected at work and to understand that there’s a benefit to reporting incidents when they happen. We needed to develop a programme for the front line staff who believed that getting abuse on a daily basis was part of their job. They treated both physical and verbal abuse as BAU. A part of this challenge was that senior members of staff did not know there was a problem and therefore were unable to respond. The disparity between front line staff and senior leaders evoked a distrust amongst the front line workforce.

Our Approach

We spent time getting to know large groups of front line staff. We listened to their stories and we discussed the importance of this project. We educated the senior team about the abuse taking place and the importance of their actions. We created a programme that was relevant to the front line staff. addressed their needs and was simple and actionable.

Respect at Work is now the Veolia training, communications and reporting programme that supports employees and their managers to manage incidents of verbal and physical abuse from members of the public.

    The Impact

    • Since the programme was launched in October 2017, over 1100 Managers and front line employees have received Respect at Work training
    • 91% of employees are confident in what they learnt and 85% intend to report any abuse they experience
    • Since the launch, over 150 incidents have been reported. This is a significant increase on the number of reports received during the whole of 2016

    We build
    Brand Substance

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    What was said

    "You have helped us build trust between management and front line staff. That bridge could only have been built by working with the people who are most affected."
    Emma Weatherby
    Internal Communications Manager

    What we delivered:

    Managers toolkit 
    To support them on how to support their team
    3 x training films
    To bring Respect at Work to life. The films used a combination of real Veolia employees, actors and animation
    A suite of comms assets, 
    including reporting card, posters and presentation templates

    Managers toolkit

    It is extremely important that all of Veolia Managers and Supervisors become advocates of the ‘Expect Respect’ programme and promote it within their areas of responsibility.

    We designed a toolkit for managers to use, after they recieved their training. The toolkit was support three key principles:
    1. Embed the new behaviour in their teams
    2. Encourage effective reporting
    3. Focus on giving feedback after an incident is reported

    The Results

    The impact of our project