Half Time Team Talk Report

The Challenge

Virgin Media were halfway through their 2020 goals, and wanting to engage their entire workforce given they were now at the half way point, we had to go beyond conventional reporting to engage this audience.

Wanting to leveraged the Virgin Media & Southampton FC partnership, along with excitement for the upcoming World Cup we decided to give sustainability reporting a surprising new spin, giving it a football focus.

Our Approach

We threw out the sustainability reporting rule book,  instead gave a straight up review of performance, celebrating out star performances and calling out any fouls

We also worked to map out a ‘Squad Selector quiz ’ an infographic any virgn media employee could follow to see how they can play their path in achieving Virgin medias 2020 goals.

The Impact

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We build
Brand Substance

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Each pillar in their strategy, was brought to life as a team each goal witin the pillar was, explained in simple, football terminology

Scoring system

Throughout the report Virgin Media performance against the 2020 goals was scored in simple carded system.

Video Content

We also pulled together some of Virgin Media's key results into an animated story - to be played on screens across the business.

The Results

The impact of our project