Switched On Famlies

The Challenge

Child protection has become a key issue for all internet companies. Our research for Virgin Media showed that that the public’s number one concern is keeping their kids safe online. Yet while four in five parents felt that they were responsible for their children’s online safety, only two in five parents had taken action to influence their children’s online behaviour. A majority felt that the right tools and information simply wasn’t available to them. We were hired to help Virgin Media tackle this, by giving parents the most practical, honest and useful support they needed to help their kids get the best from the web.

Our Approach

We created a new customer engagement programme called Switched On Families. The programme was designed to offer a range of tailored support to help parents talk to their kids and take action on the most important digital issues. This included:

  • Insight & research with the public and experts
  • Co-created the programme with child protect experts
  • Campaign strategy & brand creation
  • Communications & engagement planning
  • Content development & web build
  • Programme management, tracking and performance

The Impact

  • Over 50,000 families participated within first 6 months
  • 9 million impressions on social media channels
  • 212,000 engagements on Twitter and Facebook
  • National media coverage - including BBC news, Guardian, Telegraph

We build
Brand Substance

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Created for parents by parents

We designed an online destination was for parents to find out about the main issues for different age groups, including video content where parents shared their experiences and genuinely useful advice.
As part of this platform, we built the Switched On Families Playbook - an interactive web app for parents and their kids, with engaging, useful and practical exercises to help parents make informed choices, depending on their children’s age.

Video Content

We produced reactive video content that enabled parents to tune in to and understand how to answer the big questions, like how much time they should let their kids spend online – by getting teenagers to share their own experiences and advice.

Switched On Families was delivered through a full mix of channels including internal communications, PR, social media and a paid media partnership with The Guardian. An online campaign used the launch film to create buzz and excitement through Virgin Media’s social channels. The programme was integrated into point of sale on till receipts, an email campaign to broadband customer, TV on demand platform TiVO and in welcome emails to all new Virgin Media customers.

The Results

The impact of our project